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OceanO Hotels is India’s inventive Hotel Management Solution that specializes in the management of branded and independent hotels across India; OceanO Hotel Management experts are focused on optimizing profits for hotel owners and making a real difference to your business.

We influence this via the day to day running of your property – from revenue and finance, to sales, marketing, property and HR, we’re one of the most trusted management teams in the business.

OceanO has a reputation for getting results; each member of the team has a proven track record at the highest level of the hotel industry. You’ll be working with a team of specialists who understand every aspect of the industry and will support you and your hotel team to extract the most value out of your asset.

At OceanO it starts and finishes with our business ethics and our business model. For, this means doing our best in customer service, employee recruitment, training, retention, and ultimately achieving optimum financial performance the project is positioned for. We believe in our business model and stand by our proven track record of our current and past Hotel projects. We are also grounded in our commitment to sustainability in all that we do. Call our leading team professionals to discuss your project today!

Be Assured! We increase your Hotel Top & Bottom Line Results...

  • Genuine Culture of Integrity
  • Meticulous Care for Each Property
  • Profitability & Growth
  • Dedicated Professionalism
  • Hands on Experience
  • Complete Flexibility
  • Total Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Total Independence
  • Confidentiality
  • An Eye for Detail
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Different Perspectives
  • Practical Solutions
  • Impartial Advice
  • Affordable Alternative


OceanO Hotels specializes in all areas of the hotel business, featuring a management team with a wealth of national and international experience. Throughout the years we have continued to foster and develop an extensive network of professionals to provide the precise set of skills need for a successful hospitality project.

The categories listed to the left outline just a few of the hospitality management services and capabilities that we are able to provide to our clients as owner representatives. We are able to meet the needs of our clients based on the wide range of geographic and industry specific experience our team of hospitality professionals has collectively gained over four decades of combined work.

Operator Management

Our experienced operations team utilizes decades of hands-on hotel management knowledge to plan...

Human Resources

OceanO associates possess the talent and skill sets necessary to execute our high standards of service...

Asset Management

OceanO Hotels provides comprehensive Asset Management Solution that elevates the business of our clients...

Sales & Marketing

Marketing is more than an ad campaign or a series of social media posts. Sales & marketing should be integrated...

Revenue Management

Our corporate revenue management team analyses current market conditions, evaluates competitors, identifies trends...

Information Technology

OceanO facilitates IT Solutions like Reservations Systems, Mobile Communication, In-Room Technology...


4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

4 Hotels & 3 Restaurants

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